Who we are

We are two Italian friends. We are two simple guys grew up cooking and making wine in the most suggestive Italian courts.
Since 2015 we have a tech StartUp but we keep travelling the world to get inspiration and to teach our traditions.
Kitchen is a wonderful place to make new friends, and food is the most direct way to comunicate with people' souls, understand their feelings, get in touch beyond diversities.
Our grandmas taught us not only the best recipes, but also how to put all our love in every single dish, from the most complicated to the easiest one. Our mission is to let you learn how to do the same.


Michele is from Parma, the heart of the "Foodvalley". Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, Tortelli, Salumi and much more amazing products come from his homeland. Cooking is simply in his destiny.
He will teach you all about lasagne, gnocchi, polpette, etc., mixing traditions with modernity.


Daniele grew up in Montefalco, a small town famous for one of the best wine in the world (Sagrantino), olive oil, mushrooms and truffles. Every October, he makes his own wine, both red and white.
During the rest of the year,he enjoys to cook simple dishes part of the Italian tradition, like focaccia, risotto and much more.


San Francisco: from May 17th to June 7th.

San Francisco
May 17th - June 7th

We are now looking for new friends ready to learn Italian cuisine during our stay in SF.
If you are interested in learning how to cook the best Italian dishes from us, and you have a couch or bed to offer us during our stay just fill the following form.
We look farward to meeting you and cooking together!

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